Best Gas Grills Under $300 – How To Choose The Best

best gas grills

Best gas grills under $300 are fast and easy solution for your grilling adventure. If you love to barbecue and are a fan of grilled foods, then you have many reasons to like this article. We will be talking about grills that work on gas, and why they are becoming an important gadget in our kitchen.

Even a few decades ago, grills were mostly reserved for hotels. But over the past 40 to 50 years they have become a part of many homes. This is because a lot of people would like to use various types of grills to grill and roast the best variety of food, covering various vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources.

What are the Best Gas Grills Under $300 and How They Work

As the name indicates, a gas grill runs on a gas to power the stove or the burner. Unlike charcoal, where the heat is generated by burning of charcoal, this grill type get their heat from big gas stoves which are fueled and power by gas supplies.

They may not be very commonly used in homes but wherever there is a need to cook, roast and grill large quantities of meat and other such items; these grills are very commonly used.

Top 10 Best Gas Grills Under $300

Char-Griller Gas Grill50 x 25 x 42 inches$$4.2/5
Char-Broil Classic Gas Grill19 x 49 x 41.5 inches$3.9/5
Cuisinart Tabletop Gas Grill42 x 18.5 x 15 inches$$4.4/5
Blackstone Gas Grill Griddle Station 62.5 x 22 x 36 inches$$4.7/5
Char-Broil Performance Gas Grill45 x 62.4 x 24.5 inches$$$4.0/5
Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Gas Grill24.4 x 25.2 x 38.2 inches$4.2/5
Smoke Hollow Tabletop LP Gas Grill26.5 x 12.2 x 16.5 inches$4.2/5
Dyna-Glo Gas Grill45.05 x 22.82 x 49.14 inches$$3.9/5
Fuego Element Gas Grill21 x 44 x 21 inches$$$4.1
Weber Liquid Propane Grill27 x 20.5 x 23.5 inches$$4.7/5

However, there are smaller versions of these type of grills, which can be used in homes also. Let us now try and find out the various benefits and shortcoming as far as these grills are concerned.


Amongst the various advantages, there is no doubt that convenience is the most common reason why people invest in gas grills. Just by turning a knob you can get started with the cooking and grilling process.

This is not the case with charcoal grills where a lot of preparation needs to be made so that the right amount of heat is generated. Further controlling the heat and flame generated by a gas grill is much easier when compared to charcoal grills. They also require much less maintenance and are relatively easier to clean. This is mainly because there are no leftover ashes which can be a big headache with charcoal grills.

Hence the above are the main reasons why many end users prefer going in for these grills. In today’s world where time is a major problem, it makes better sense to go in for gas grill which saves the time and makes the entire cooking process easy and less messy.


On the other hand there are some obvious disadvantages of these grills. They will never be able to add a new aroma or flavor, which is the hallmark of any grilled food. This can be done best by charcoal grills. This is the main reason why charcoal grills continue to be used even today where other better technologies are available.

Further all, grills running on gas give out a moist heat. This may hinder cooking the tastiest, hottest and crisp grill items. Therefore for many connoisseurs of authentic grilled food, charcoal still continues to be the best bet.

Useful Tips for Buying a Gas Grill for Your Budget

Now that we have some basic information about the advantages and disadvantages of grills running on gas, we will look at some useful tips which could help us to buy the right grill.

Start with a budget in mind. These grills are available in different price ranges and there are a few which are available even for $5,000 and more. Hence you must do a self evaluation and find out as to which budget will suit your pocket.

There are some good gas grills available for around $300. Hence the onus lies on you to have a reasonable fix on the budget. Choose a grill which will fit into your lifestyle.

What Kind of Griller are You?

Before buying the best gas grill under $300, you must have reasonably clear idea as to how you plan to use it. You must be clear as to how often you will be using it, and how many people you will be cooking for. You should also have some basic idea about the kind of foods which you will be cooking on the grill.

If you are not going to be regular with steak grilling, then you need waste money on the fastest and hottest cooking models. Be clear about the warranty terms. The kind of warranty offered for the burner will reveal a lot about the grill. It is important because it will help spread the heat evenly. Find out if electric grill is more appropriate for you to use.

How About Other Grill Types?

Charcoal grills are quite common and they come with their own advantages and disadvantages. They are known for their heat generating capacity but are not environmentally friendly.

Electric grills are generally used for their ability to generate heat. They do not emit fire. They cook quite well because of the intense heat which they are able to produce.

Portable grills are also quite common, and they could run either on coal or gas. However, in this article we are trying and looking at grills that work on gas in more detail.

Choose the Rust-Proof Material

They are prone to rust and therefore you must choose the one which are perhaps made from rust-proof materials like ceramics. However, they must be able to sear meat at high temperatures which could often exceed 800 degree Fahrenheit.

Have a look at things under the hood. You must spend some time looking for the right grill because it should contain the shielding which protects the grill from the nature elements. You must be sure that the lid is made from high quality material. It must either be of stainless steel or the best quality aluminum which is rugged.

Look for the Quality Lid of the Grill

The lid must be easy to lift and close. It must be solid but at the same time it must not be in close proximity to the burners. They should also be rust proof and the antirust coating must be of the best quality. Even a small peeling off could remove the entire coating within a span of a few days.

It must be sturdy and tough. At the end of the day, best gas grills under $300 are bought to last and therefore you must be sure that they pass the test as far as attributes pertaining to longevity are concerned. The onus lies on the customers to shake, roll and move around the grill to be sure that all the moving parts are solidly fixed and there is feel of solidness to the entire grill.

Hence buying a gas grill requires going through the various due diligence process. It must not be done in a hurry.

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